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Colette Toach

Wife, Mother, Servant, Mentor, Author, Apostle

You may have heard of Apostle Colette from the many books she has written, the powerful messages that she has preached, or perhaps through the nuggets of wisdom that she regularly shares on Facebook. In all of that, you see a leader of an international ministry, a powerful and anointed woman of God that has the passion and fire to change the Church. However, there is so much more than meets the eye.

From a young age, Colette has always had a zeal to serve the Lord, despite having to endure many hardships like her parents' divorce, rejection, and poverty. Overcoming these obstacles early in her life has built a foundation of compassion and desire to help others gain victory in their lives.

Since then, the Lord has led Colette, with her husband Apostle Craig Toach, to establish Apostolic Movement International, a ministry to train and minster to christian leaders all over the world, where they share all the wisdom that the Lord has given them through each and every time they chose to walk through the refining fire in their personal lives as well as in ministry.

In addition, Colette is a fantastic cook, an amazing mom to not only her 4 natural children, but to her numerous spiritual children all over the world. Colette is also a renowned author, mentor, trainer and a woman that has great taste in shoes! The scripture to "be all things to all men" definitely applies here, and the Lord keeps adding to that list of things each and every day.

How does she do it all? Come and experience the life of an apostle firsthand and get the insight into how the call of God can make every aspect of your life an incredible adventure.

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Dealing With A Backlash
It is a common belief that if you have prayed or ministered for someone and you come under a spiritual attack it means that you have really made the devil mad and you are on you way to victory. You know the old idea that if you want to get honey from a beehive and you make them mad they will come and get you! That is a lie from the pit of hell and it is a weapon that the enemy is using to stop the church form being victorious... Click Here to Read More